Technical Information凤凰彩票登录,凤凰彩票客户端下载,凤凰国际凤凰彩票

Loos and Company Technical Information

Technical Information 凤凰彩票登录,凤凰彩票客户端下载,凤凰国际凤凰彩票

By   Loos & Co., Inc. 凤凰彩票登录,凤凰彩票客户端下载,凤凰国际凤凰彩票

Loos and Company Cable and Wire Rope Stretch

Cable & Wire Rope Stretch凤凰彩票登录,凤凰彩票客户端下载,凤凰国际凤凰彩票

In any cable or wire rope application, stretch may be a concern. There are two forms of stretch in cable and wire rope: Structural Stretch and Elastic Stretch

View this page to learn more information about stretch and to access our stretch calculator.

Standard Length Tolerances凤凰彩票登录,凤凰彩票客户端下载,凤凰国际凤凰彩票

Liberal tolerances allow a faster rate of production and lower cost. Standard length tolerances for cable assemblies and cut-length cable will permit a saving over "close" tolerances. View the standard length tolerances page to learn more.

Standard Length Tolerances
Outside Diameter Tolerances for Coated Cable

Outside Diameter Tolerances for Coated Cable凤凰彩票登录,凤凰彩票客户端下载,凤凰国际凤凰彩票

Unsure of the outside diameter tolerances for Coated Cables? Loos and Company's Outside Diameter Tolerance Guide will provide you with the standard design tolerances.

Recommended Pulley Diameters凤凰彩票登录,凤凰彩票客户端下载,凤凰国际凤凰彩票

When designing a cable or wire rope system, service life can be increased by specifying the largest possible pulley or sheave diameter. Review the recommended minimum tread diameters over which various sizes and constructions of cable or wire rope should operate.

Recommended Pulley Diameters
QPL Quick Reference Guide

MIL-DTL-83420 Quick Reference Guide凤凰彩票登录,凤凰彩票客户端下载,凤凰国际凤凰彩票

Military specification cable is often referenced in RFP's and RFQ's by the government designation, a series of numerical designations to specify the type, composition, and diameter of the required aircraft cable. Use our MIL-83420 designations reference guide to find what you need by type, composition designation, and in order of suffix.

Cable Assemblies Standard Points of Measure凤凰彩票登录,凤凰彩票客户端下载,凤凰国际凤凰彩票

At Loos and Company we recommend that you view our page on the standard points of measure of cable assemblies before your next order. This will guide you to specifying the required information for cable assembly design and to ensuring a perfect fit.

Cable Assemblies Standard Points of Measure

Recommended Cable/Wire Rope Bend Radius凤凰彩票登录,凤凰彩票客户端下载,凤凰国际凤凰彩票

To obtain reasonable life from your rope, you must choose the proper diameter rope for your application. In general, the larger the size of the drum or pulley with respect to the wire diameter, the longer the service life. Learn more about the Recommended Bend Radius of different sizes and constructions or aircraft cable and wore rope.